Course Highlights

 Unique scientific learning objectives for each lesson

Hands-on learning

Comprehensive learning materials provided

Programme taught by STEM-trained instructor

 English medium of instruction (supplemented by minimal Cantonese)

Students will develop problem solving skills and logical thinking

Additional Parent-child activity worksheets 

Cognitive Development
Cognitive Development
  • To practise sorting objects by shapes, sizes and colours.
  • To learn about the concept of object permanence.
  • To participate in pretend play.
  • To recognise common objects.
  • To explore basic concepts.
  • To explore functions of different objects.
  • *The learning objectives will vary depending on the lessons.
Language Development
Language Development
  • To participate in an immersive English-speaking environment.
  • To recognise names of familiar people or objects.
  • To follow simple instructions with or without gestured cues.
  • To verbally communicate thoughts and feelings .
  • To recognise familiar patterns of speech.
  • To learn how to express preferences through speech or gestures.
  • *The learning objectives will vary depending on the lessons.