Learning Domains

We provide a whole-child curriculum at Little Habs, guiding your children to take bigger steps in every possible way. 

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We provide an array of programmes that cater to a wide spectrum of your children’s developmental years. No matter what stage they are in, Little Habs will be there every step of the way.


Baby Steps
10-13 months
Baby Steps

The start of your children’s life is the greatest time to learn. With activities that engage them physically and mentally, our Baby Steps programme acts as a perfect starting point for their developmental needs!

Toddler Steps
14-19 months
Toddler Steps

Our Toddler Steps programme follows up our Baby Steps programme with a wider variety of lessons and materials, providing further scaffolding for your children to learn more.

Giant Steps
20-27 months
Giant Steps

As your children grow, their minds begin to take bigger leaps and bounds than ever before; they will be taking Giant Steps in their learning and will encounter activities that will greatly encourage them to gain independence and begin to learn new concepts.

28-33 months

Our ‘Get Ready for Kindergarten’ (GRK) programme is a fantastic resource your children can undertake prior to beginning their pre-school education. Our classes greatly enhance the focus on communication skills, self-driven learning and the ability to thrive in regular schooling.


Program is well designed, class materials are well prepared and creative, the team, not only the class teachers but the whole Little Habs team, is very professional, caring and cheerful. They have many useful parenting talks too.

Our 26 months son joined Habby’s Live Online for 3 weeks from California for the purpose of learning new skills and development, specifically Putonghua.  Our son had Putonghua exposure through our local library once a month, but due to “Shelter In Place” that ceased and Little Habs in HK came to our attention and class schedule worked even in California time.  Our family is more than delighted with the phenomenal learning (shout out to Mr. Carl for his enthusiasm, smile and join he brings to the children).  One key takeaway was the ability of our son’s ability to retain his academic knowledge – we’re continually reminded of Habby’s education, when our son repeats his acquired studies, such as spoken word “whiskers” and his hand gestures of whiskers whenever he sees a dog, cat and other animals with whiskers.   Our son’s completely learnt the letter’s A-B-C, not through daycare in the US, but via Little Habs in HK.

Parent of Little Habs (USA)

多謝Little Habs 令小兒喜愛上學,作為父母,能看到他在課堂上開心地笑、主動地玩、而學術有所提升,已心滿意足。謝謝!


Really appreciate the songs composed by the teachers. it is catchy and can be downloaded and plays to my child at home.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the teachers, assistants and staff of Little Habs (TKO Campus), especially Ms.Joey, Ms.Wendy, Mr.Carl, Ms. Diana and Miss Sopheia. Thank you for taking care of our Daughter, Yeung Hoi Kiu, during her golden learning stage of toddles. 

I hope that Little Habs will arrange for Online Courses again, like the Habby's Live, during the difficult period. We ensure that support and enroll for the courses. 

小兒SIT HOI薛鎧現在30個月,參加左兩個月既Get Ready For Kindergarten Online (BCE),課程內容好全面,教材有趣好玩,Mr. Carl教得好生動,佢好鍾意Mr. Carl, 上堂上得好開心,經常同我分享課程內容,我覺得佢最近係學習上突飛猛進,多謝little Habs係疫情期間舉辦呢個課程,希望little Habs能夠繼續為30個月以上既小朋友開辦Online Class, 即使小兒現已開學,在下午回校上課,倘若再次開辦早上Online Class, 我必會為小先報讀,謝謝little Habs & Mr. Carl的悉心教導和在各方面花心思,你地做得好好!