About Get Ready for Kindergarten

Our ‘Get Ready for Kindergarten’ (GRK) programme aims to support and prepare your child for regular schooling through experiential learning of class routines and various different stimulating activities within a classroom setting. Our GRK students be taking part in daily phonics classes to help enrich and enhance their linguistic skills and shape their interest for language; there will also be opportunities for taking part in Putonghua classes too. Creative games and songs will be entwined into the language classes which will surely bring them to life!

In this programme, we will explore the following:
Language Development
Language Development
  • To participate in an immersive English-speaking environment.
  • To recognise names of familiar people or objects.
  • To follow simple instructions with or without gestured cues.
  • To verbally communicate thoughts and feelings .
  • To recognise familiar patterns of speech.
  • To learn how to express preferences through speech or gestures.
  • *The learning objectives will vary depending on the lessons.
Aesthetic Development
Aesthetic Development
  • To nurture one’s creativity.
  • To create/improvise a piece of artwork by using different materials.
  • To practise using different tools to create/improvise a piece of artwork.
  • To enhance eye-hand coordination, perseverance and patience.
  • To enhance one’s concept of spatial awareness.
  • *The learning objectives will vary depending on the lessons.