Course Highlights

English as teaching medium for better grasp of language recognition and developments

Thematic approach to create an immersive learning environment 

Use of everyday examples to stimulate imagination, strengthen learners’ sense of involvement, and promote logical thinking

Progressive difficulty, enhance memorization and recognition skills 

 New learning materials used every lesson to keep learners motivated 

 Practise sorting objects by shape, size and colours.

Flexible schedule

*The learning objectives will vary depending on the lessons


In this programme, we will explore the following:
Cognitive Development
Cognitive Development
  • To practise sorting objects by shapes, sizes and colours.
  • To learn about the concept of object permanence.
  • To participate in pretend play.
  • To recognise common objects.
  • To explore basic concepts.
  • To explore functions of different objects.
  • *The learning objectives will vary depending on the lessons.
Language Development
Language Development
  • To participate in an immersive English-speaking environment.
  • To recognise names of familiar people or objects.
  • To follow simple instructions with or without gestured cues.
  • To verbally communicate thoughts and feelings .
  • To recognise familiar patterns of speech.
  • To learn how to express preferences through speech or gestures.
  • *The learning objectives will vary depending on the lessons.
Music and Movement
Music and Movement
  • To introduce basic rhythms and beats.
  • To create/improvise music through different mediums.
  • To cultivate one’s appreciation of music.
  • To stimulate one’s sense of hearing.
  • To practise how to coordinate body movements according to the beat.
  • *The learning objectives will vary depending on the lessons.